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Freshdy™ DESIGN PRIZE AWARDS 2016 - AMEE - Mexico City




Freshdy™ - Fresher for Longer Freshdy™ has been awarded the “Envase Estelar 2016” award by the AMEE (Asociacion Mexicana del Envase y Embalaje based in Mexico City. La Asociacion Mexicana del Envase y Embalaje for 31 years, has had the role of analysing, evaluating, and awarding new designs in the industry with the recognition of Envase Estelar (Star Packaging). Furthermore, the contest organized by the AMEE is the only award recognized by the World Packaging Organization (WPO) that allows you to participate for the global prize.

The packaging solution, flexible, multilayer, micro-perforated bag, Freshdy, has been given the award of Envase Estelar, 2016, for its innovative system in retaining hydration and moisture for longer in fresh fruits and vegetables.

The prize was awarded for having achieved the following objectives in design and sustainability:
According to studies and facts from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every year 1,300 million tons of fresh food is lost or wasted, equivalent to 30% of global production. Freshdy bags are made from 100% recyclable material, and act as an alternative in helping to keep the hydration and conservation of fresh fruit and vegetables for longer.
Plus, Freshdy bags can reduce up to 60% of material used in the packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The “Envase Estelar 2016” was awarded in Mexico City,

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